About Us

One of the main reasons for the design and build of RBR was to create a place where they could create valuable experiences together with family, friends, and colleagues. They believe that others long for the same experiences so with their entrepreneurial hearts and background in service and business they built a little piece of paradise in a way that it could be shared with others.

Jared and Janica have 5 children who enjoy spending as much time at the ranch as possible.

We feel having the land in our lives has been a call to providing a greater sense of home to the community where we live. This land has been in our family for several generations.

Bought by... a place to create epic and magical memories for brides, families, businesses, and individuals who are called to the mountains for celebrations, work, or reconnecting with nature.

A part of our story...

Back in 1900...

Place that story of the property here and the older images in the spot above and to the left here.